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a tarnished angel

I live in Las Vegas now but I thought you may find this amusing...

I feel so much better after sleep and soup. I am bright eyed bushy tailed and ready to go to work. Eh, not THAT ready but I have to go buy shoes for work and thats my motivation.

So I have this funny story...

Eric saw this ad in the paper for some adult/fetish store here in Las Vegas. Well I would like to get some colored ropes and maybe a leather harness to use since I'm not so skilled at tieing the whole harness thing yet so we decide to check it out.

So I get there and the store is in this strip of office buildings. In fact, from the outside you cannot tell it is a store at all. It just looks like an office with tinted windows. I tell Eric to wait in the car and I'll go see if its it. It does say the name of the place on small lettering on the door.

So I go in and there is this secratary there. Perfectly normal looking woman. I say, "Oh excuse me, I got the wrong place..." She asked me if I was looking for a store. I told her I was, she tells me to wait there, have a seat.

At this point I am pondering wether to bolt out of there, or just stick around and see what happens. I mean this is REALLY weird. But it gets weirder. Wait.

She calls on her phone to someone else to tell them "we have a customer". She asks me if there is anything specific I am looking for. I just tell her I work bondage and am looking for supplies and such. She immediately gets nicer to me. Maybe she has a rope thing or something who knows...

Another woman comes up and takes me down to this basement like room and its filled with just the weirdest stuff your brain can handle. Leather horse suits for pony training/horse fetish, extra large adult diapers for adult baby fetishs, rubber suction beds that vacume seal you in with only a tube to breathe out of, electro shock things and other really odd stuff... the things I would consider more normal nurses stuff, cages, whips and flogs, etc were also there. It was odd to say the least. No colored ropes though. No ropes at all. I guess bondage is too normal? I dunno. I left though. Rather freaked out at the whole secrecy thing to it all.

Anyways. Weird, huh? I am suspecting that they rent studio space for Dominatrixes and clients also go in there and that is why its so private. But it was odd none the less. Especially seeing that it is by an office for a Christian bookstore.
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