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This is exactly what SE was against

Ok, first lookee this:

UN Inspector Criticized Over S+M Practices

Now, what bugs me here is how the facts of his personal life (such as being a founder of The Black Rose in D.C. [awesome!]) is played up more than the fact that he was underqualified for the job. The article cites a less-than-thorough background check, to me implying more that his sexual preferences weren't first "approved" before getting the job, not his lack of training.

I first heard about this on FOX & friends, a very lame morning show, and sometimes a bit on the edge of anything that might be called actual journalism (imagine the Today Show where everyone's wit was acidic and the cast really didn't respect one another). When detailing this story, I have to say I was...well, outraged by the condecension and immaturity of the broadcasters, making this guy out to be some sort of sick freak or something.

Ok, he might be a freak, but I could see on the one host's face (a not-bad-if-she'd-lose-the-over-makeup looking girl) a sort of shame at making fun of the guy. You know she doesn't mind a little bondage in the bedroom.

In any case, the reaction and stigma perpetuated by this story, and that "newsteam" in particular, is exactly the sort of thing, at its core, our club is and has been trying to dispel. I don't know how many minds the group has changed over the course of its life, or if such things have, perhaps, been eased in the public consciousness over the last few years, but this just sets everything back. Publicly punishing a guy for doing what makes him happy.


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