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Innocent keychain or covert bdsm?

I went out with some friends today for some last minute shopping before moving up to Bellingham next week. I came across a leather section of a store. While browsing through the smaller items, I found
hanging ever so innocently beside other leather trinkets. What do YOU think it's for? I just had to buy it.
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Tripod doesn't seem to want to show the image.
Tripod does not allow remote linking.
Oops, forgot about that. Copy and paste into your browser and it should give it to you. Sorry.
Still isn't working. I've had problems with Tripod before.
Nevermind, don't do that. I changed the server. Now it's an LJ-cut.
oh, now isn't that cute, and somewhat wreaking of sex!

anyone have an extra lj code they want to give up. i know they are a hot commodity
You don't need lj codes anymore, do you? Go to the main page and try to create one and see if they ask for one. I don't think they require them anymore.
i just did that, thanks. i am so excited. i have a new lj, but it isn't started yet. much to post later. glad to be on a bellingham site