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I was bored and flipping channels tonight when I heard the phrase "bondage club" on a conservative news program on MSNBC. I had to wait through about 1/2 an hour of general bs until they came to the interview. The issue was this: should a public university (Iowa State, in this case) permit the operation of a club about kink, fetish, and BDSM? Opposing the president of the club was a guy from some "pro-family" organization in Iowa who referred to BDSM as "sick" and "degrading" even if it is consentual. He said that colleges should only support what he considers to be traditional sexuality -- monogamous heterosexual marriage (that was implied).

Obviously there is a need for such a club, as a way of teaching people what is right and wrong and how to be safe. A club about sexuality in this form is no different from a gay club.


Article from the Des Moines Register

Cuffs Web Site.

Send the president an email and give him your support.

-- Tyler
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