soliss (soliss) wrote in bham_kink,


So I was browsing LJ and I found a bham community with "bdsm" listed as an interest. Imagine my surprise at finding a whole community of Bellinghammers (or whatever we're called) who, like me, are fond of the Black Dragon Scale Mail from Nethack!

*cough* No, um, anyhoo... I'm not really into the kinky stuff, but I'm joining every damn thing (like bham_poly [*cough*punkfag]), so I'm gonna join this too, if that's cool.

Is this the er... Sweet... Entanglements(?) community? I'm thinking it is, but it doesn't say in the title.

Oh, I guess I should tell you all about myself or something. :)
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actually (AFAIK) bham_kink is for anyone in Bellingham or thereabouts. although that is mainly sweet_entanglements.
Boooring comment! *teases you mercilessly* ;)

Well, since most of the people on LJ are young, and S.E is mainly young people who are also on LJ, it kind of works out to be the Sweet E LJ group by default. Particularly since Sweet E's founder also made this group.
Forgive me, I'm terrible translating LJ personas to real ones, have you been to one of the Sweet E meetings?
Nope. When are they? I think they conflicted with another club I was already in, or something.
First and Third Thursdays, 8pm, Arntzen 103
Okay, thanks. Yeah, I have something every Thursday from 7 til about 11, so I guess you won't be seeing me there.